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Mental Health

SwingShift Nurses is the largest mental health specialist agency and provider of mental health nurses in Australia. We are a preferred supplier to most public and private mental health services in Victoria covering all areas within the mental health field including:

Adult Specialist Services

  • Acute inpatient services
  • Secure extended care units
  • Crisis Assessment and Treatment (CAT) teams including psychiatric triage
  • Mobile support and treatment teams
  • Continuing care, clinical and consultancy
  • Clinical residential rehabilitation services
  • Prevention and recovery care services

Aged Persons Mental Health

  • Acute inpatient services
  • Aged persons assessment and treatment teams
  • APMH nursing homes and hostels

Child and Adolescent Mental Health

  • Acute inpatient services
  • Crisis assessment and treatment
  • Intensive mobile youth and outreach services
  • Continuing care case management services
  • Australian Association of Nursing Recruitment AgenciesAustralian Association of Nursing Recruitment Agencies
  • INET AllocationsINET Allocations
  • Approved Agency ProgramApproved Agency Program
  • Quality ManagementQuality Management