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Nursing tips for night shifts

Ask any nurse and they’ll tell you the same thing: no two shifts are ever the same. Whether you’re a casual nurse travelling between facilities or an overseas nurse combining the love for travel with your passion for nursing, the joy you get from this profession is not easily matched..

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Top tips for stressed nurses

Top tips for stresses nurses A nurse can face emotional and physical demands as part of their everyday job. While you have mastered the ability to attend to others’ needs, we understand that it can be harder to attend to your own! There’s a common perception among the co..

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Why nurse through an agency? Benefits of agency nursing

Why nurse through an agency? Benefits of agency nursing If you’re a nurse looking to reclaim back control over shifts and rosters, working through an agency is one of the best decisions you can make. SwingShift Nurses is a well-connected nursing agency in Melbourne dedicated t..

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Mental health nursing in Melbourne through SwingShift

Mental health nursing in Melbourne through SwingShift Are you a nurse in Melbourne seeking better flexibility from your work? Are you a mental health nurse? Mental health nurses are in high demand, so if you want more flexibility and great pay, consider the advantages of ..

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Benefits of being a nurse in Melbourne

When someone thinks about choosing a career, pay rates, along with your skills and passion, may indeed be one of the first things considered. As a nurse in Melbourne, you can strike the right balance between all three! Nurses in Melbourne benefit from high pay rates while simultaneously part..

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What types of nursing jobs in Melbourne are available?

As you advance in your nursing career, you will start to understand which specialties you may like to focus on, as well as discover where your passions and skills lie. By now, you might be at the point where you’d like to refine your practice and dedicate your career to a specific type..

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The new SwingShift staff rewards program.

The SwingShift employee benefits program is just one of many ways we show our nurses that we appreciate their service. The program includes a presidential card and access to the presidential card and shopper advantage websites. The program includes discounts for both everyday items as well as li..

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Rural and remote grant for CPD

If you are a nurse or midwife working in a regional or remote area you would be eligible to apply for a grant to support your professional development. The grants are provided by the country women’s association of Australia. The amount of the grant is determined each year by the State ..

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Mental health bed shortage behind assaults

A death of mental health acute beds in Victoria’s hospitals has been blamed for a spate of assaults on nurses in recent weeks. Psychiatric nurses have been sexually assaulted by patients at Monash Medical Centre, where assaults broke out just days before management was forced to cre..

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