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How to maintain work-life balance when you join a nursing agency

At SwingShift Nurses, we believe in the importance of time management for busy nurses, and it is our goal that when you choose to join our nursing agency, you’ll get back your time and perfect that work-life balance. All work and no play is never much fun! Nurses lead busy lives, as we’re sure most ..

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Time management tips for nurses

“One always has time enough, if one will apply it well.” Johann Wolfgang von Goethe Time is without a doubt one of the most precious resources a person has at their disposal. This is true of every person in every industry - but especially for nurses. With emergency shifts, challenging scenarios, and unconventional hours, nurses ..

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Currently on a working holiday in Australia? Let SwingShift Nurses help when you arrive in Melbourne!

Australia is huge. Great beaches, wild untamed nature, sprawling and chic cities - we really do have it all. One two-week visit is nowhere near enough time to truly see everything!   So it’s no surprise that people from countries UK, US, Canada, New Zealand and Ireland are coming down here and staying for months ..

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Nursing tips for night shifts

Ask any nurse and they’ll tell you the same thing: no two shifts are ever the same. Whether you’re a casual nurse travelling between facilities or an overseas nurse combining the love for travel with your passion for nursing, the joy you get from this profession is not easily matched. Night shifts are a common ..

February 22nd, 2018|Latest News|0 Comments

How to grow your nursing career

Nurses are one of the most important parts of any health system. Without nurses, hospitals and clinics around the country would slow down without the vital support that nurses offer patients and other medical professionals. So on behalf of everybody, hats off to all the nurses out there! As a rewarding and highly in-demand career, ..

February 20th, 2018|Latest News|0 Comments

Nursing to the next level: forensic nursing

What do the words “forensic nursing” bring to mind? The first thing you think of is probably crime shows like Law & Order or Criminal Minds. This however is a misrepresentation... in Australia, at least. While it mightn’t be as glamorous as the small screen makes it out to be, forensic nursing is an increasingly ..

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Working as a regional nurse in Victoria

City life isn’t for everybody. There’s never enough personal space, nor any moments of quiet. And let’s not even begin talking about the struggles of finding a decent parking spot! While living in a big city does have its perks, it can also take a lot out of a person. And what if you’re a ..

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Top tips for stressed nurses

A nurse can face emotional and physical demands as part of their everyday job. While you have mastered the ability to attend to others’ needs, we understand that it can be harder to attend to your own!  There’s a common perception among the community that nurses are tough, capable and efficient and while this perception ..

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Why nurse through an agency? Benefits of agency nursing

If you’re a nurse looking to reclaim back control over shifts and rosters, working through a nursing agency Melbourne is one of the best decisions you can make.  SwingShift Nurses is a well-connected nursing agency in Melbourne dedicated to helping qualified nurses just like you the best nursing jobs. We pride ourselves in finding the ..

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Mental health nursing in Melbourne through SwingShift Nurses

Are you a nurse in Melbourne seeking better flexibility from your work? Are you a mental health nurse? Mental health nurses are in high demand, so if you want more flexibility and great pay, consider the advantages of joining a nursing agency like SwingShift Nurses. SwingShift Nurses is the largest mental health specialist agency and ..

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